Microsoft Surface Go

Looks like Microsoft are getting aggressive with their pricing.

I’m not exactly sure who it’s aimed at, though.

Both Microsoft and Apple (with the iPad Pro) are doing this thing where they push tablets with keyboards as productivity devices. Now, Microsoft have a better shot at this than Apple in terms of software, since you can actually run full desktop class apps like Photoshop, Premiere, Vegas Pro, etc on the Surface… But you’d still be better off doing most of that work on an actual laptop. Surface Book for example is great, but pricey.

I know few people who bought iPad Pro ostensibly for work purposes, but from what I’ve seen… they end up doing most of their work on laptops anyway, so they might as well have spent half the money and bought the standard iPad.

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I’ve always had my eye on the Surface line, IMO they have beautiful industrial design, but never pulled the trigger to upgrade from an old Sony Vaio 11". I like having a laptop that’s small for maximum portability (with a kb/mouse/screen to optionally dock at home), and I don’t do mega computing intensive work, so am actually quite interested in this. It’ll probably have the same power as my old laptop, but won’t sound like a jet engine taking off and will be even more portable. Will definitely give it a poke when it comes out, with a strong intention to throw money at it.

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For me I’d like to grab a new Chromebook to fill this need.

This is basically what I used my old Chromebook for a few years. I bought it because I was going to India for a photoshoot and videoshoot, and there was no way I was gonna take an expensive machine with me.

The new Chromebooks are even better now, since they have access to the Play Store, therefore Android apps.

We have a surface in the office… it sits in the corner of the store room unloved. The keyboard is awful so it’s no good as a laptop, and it’s too unwieldy to be useful as a tablet. Not sure what market it’s aimed at really.

Chromebooks are going a bit silly as well… the pixelbook is £1k… You could get a macbook for that.


Surface line has always looked pretty decent… but I converted to Apple a few years ago (after coming from Windows & Linux).

Currently have a macbook pro and my iphone 7… barely use the macbook. Most things are done on my phone. If I could get a iPad running OSX… i’d probably ditch the macbook completely :smiley:


The Pixelbook isn’t really representative of most Chromebooks though. Most Chromebooks are between £200-£400, and for web based work they run like a dream compared to a similarly priced Windows laptop.

Pixelbook is more for Google enthusiasts. Like me! Haha. But I don’t have an extra grand lying around for a laptop that I don’t actually need :pensive:

I think Google stuff, like Apple, really suffers on pricing in the UK. You can fly to the US or Canada, buy a MacBook Pro there, and still be better off even with the cost of the flight than buying one here.

Similarly, you can get a Pixelbook in the USA right now for $750. With the exchange rate, that’s about £560, which isn’t unreasonable at all for the spec.

If I were in the market for a windows device I’d sure look at that. Not sure I’ll be looking for one for the time being since I’m generally apple at home & work supply me with a windows 10 device for other things anyway.

I love the direction Microsoft are going with surface devices. I’m just not entirely sold on windows 10 being super touch friendly :confused:

My opinion on Windows 10 :wink:

Windows XP… still the best OS Microsoft ever made :heart_eyes:


Which Surface is it? From the Pro 4 onwards, the keyboard is a massive improvement. Love using mine. I ended up buying the Surface Bluetooth Keyboard for home.

2 or 3 I think. We only got it because a customer bought about a couple of hundred of them (against our advice) and our app wasn’t compatible. Once the work had been done nobody wanted to touch the thing again :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah - yeah it’s not that good, neither is the track pad. Miles better with the newer ones.

Looks quite thick and those bezels on a 2018 device!! I love the idea of the Surface but in practice it’s not that great. It’s not a good tablet and as a laptop it’s not as good as one with a proper built in keyboard. My go to device is 10” iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard. Handles 80% of what I need.

Reviews are out today from all the usual suspects (here’s one from The Verge) and they’re generally really positive.
It’s out today in the US, 23rd here. I’ve preordered it. Oops.