Need to constantly re-connect Apple Pay "See balance and transaction history for this account"

There is an option to link bank accounts to each card within the Wallet app to view your balance and transaction history. You need to link your bank via (what I assume) is through OpenConnect. Once connected, after a couple of hours it will want me to connect it again as if I’ve never connected it. This is the same with my Flex card too. I do not have this issue with any other bank account so I assume it is Monzo and not Apple.

Steps to reproduce: Go through the stages to connect any Monzo card to Apple Wallet, wait a day or two and it will require you to re-connect again.
OS: iOS 17.5
Device: iPhone 15 Pro
App Version: 5.73.0


I’ve had my Monzo debit card and Flex card connected this way for months without it asking to reconnect.


Same here! Been using Apple Pay for a few years and the only times I can remember having to re-connect my card is after getting a replacement! Not had any issues.

Have you removed both cards from Apple Pay, and then added them again through the app to see if that resolves it?

I have yes. This is a new card I got from changing my Monzo plus to perks. This happened on my old card too.

The requirement to reconnect is if you want to see your account balance in Apple Pay. You don’t need to reconnect just to use your card in Apple Pay