Nectar card, what's the point in the card?

Does the physical card do anything? I had a nectar card last year, but it lapsed and I HAD TO RESIGN UP AGAIN and they sent me ANOTHER PLASTIC CARD, no option to re-use an old card, not even an option to not get a card, why? does having the card have an advantage? as it stands, the card is in my Apple Wallet and is scannable by the self check out machines, Sainsburys and Tesco will automatically add points to the card when I shop - I don’t even need to show it at all (phone or otherwise)

I guess I am just confused. I am by no means an eco warrior, as I get the new iphone once a year, sometimes I get 2 new phones a year (I like new tech) but having this card makes no sense

They might have given your old card’s number to another customer given it’s lapsed. They might not hold onto them forever, hence a lapsed card.


Key ring card for the points, double tap the Apple Watch to pay for the shopping. Wham Bam I’m outta the shop.


Or just use their app in Sainsburys and there’s no need to scan a card at all

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You can pay with the Nectar app?

There is a SmartShop app.

Use your phone to scan your shopping, instead of the handheld in store, then scan a QR code at the till at the end and pay at the till as you normally would.

You don’t pay using the app itself, no.


I do use the smart shop app. I know I’m Querina the wrong crowd, but I thought I’d open a discussion on this, the plastic card is near useless, they even have a nectar app that you can scan the card in to

It’s for the all things physical crowd. Cash, physical Nectar card, querying balance at the till/customer service desk, etc

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That’s fine, but I’m my mind it should be opt in, or at least an opt out option

Some people feel this way about bank cards too, I wonder how much money would be saved if people could choose whether they received physical or not.

Must cost the bank a pretty penny.

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It’s probably pennies per customer per year, but when my Santander card expired they sent me a letter telling me that as I hadn’t used the last one they’d only send me a new one if I requested one.


Do they still allow you to use Apple Pay? If not, that’s worthless because should you need to make a contactless payment you’ll be back to ordering a card again

I don’t think they do. But as I hadn’t used the previous card in three years, I don’t anticipate needing a card. I only use Santander for DDs out and pension in. I use my credit card for all my spending, and I have Starling, Monzo, or Nationwide debit cards I can use.

A bit like the Tesco self scan, but without the scanner, then. I’ll probably be in a Sainsbury’s in a couple of weeks. I might give it a go.


It works well, I can be in and out in under 1 minute (I only get a couple items)

You have to be careful though, I have been suspected of “shoplifting” but I showed them the items and the receipt on my phone and all was well! They were only doing their job though, their excuse was “it’s a train station, it happens all the time”, apparently not many people use the SmartShop app in the train station Sainsbury’s

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I use it in every Sainsburys, regardless of size of my shop. Just find it quick and easy.

It makes sure I pick up any bonus Nectar points or Nectar prices (bit like Tesco Clubcard prices) too.

Agreed, the nectar savings are nice!

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M&S leading the way! This is how Nectar should have done it. I signed up to try this in store AR store guide I saw on TikTok and got a virtual card, no waste of plastic for a card I don’t physically need

For anyone interested in the AR