Nearby Friends


Fascinating, thanks!

(Looks around surreptitiously for someone to swap pennies with :wink:)

(lee) #64

I just noticed if you block access to contacts you can now still access payments. When did that happen? :+1:

(Jolin) #65

What’s the point of sending the token to Google if it’s being broadcast over Bluetooth anyway? Wouldn’t other Monzo phones be scanning for tokens over Bluetooth? I didn’t understand from the blog post how Google Nearby helps make the feature work.

(MikeF) #66

I was assuming that it was the Google service that was responsible for managing the broadcast side meaning the app just needed to make a google call of some sort and wait for answers rather than managing everything else. I don’t know how realistic that is though.

(Jack) #67

I was a little confused by this also

(Paul) #68

Just used this for the first time today. Works like a charm!

(Courtney Lee) #69

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