Nearby Friends

(Stephen Spencer) #21

Is this a rudimentary Monzo social network where you chat with nearby Hot Corallists by sending each other 1p messages?

(Ian Lyon) #22

Nearby feels like magic and I love it dearly.


They know where the card has been used :wink:


Now I just need to get some friends…

Or at the very least, get my family on Monzo. It’s proving surprisingly difficult…

(Alex Sherwood) #26

This is really cool, no more sharing your phone number with Monzo users that you don’t know well but want to split the bill with, I could have used this quite a few times in the past couple of years :smiley:

(Tony Hoyle) #27

Sounds good. I have a couple of friends with Monzo that don’t share their phone number for privacy reasons, so doesn’t work for them. Hopefully this is a neat workaorund.

(Caspar Aremi) #28

As an example of how this would be useful… Last week I was going to pay my hairdresser - I pulled out my Monzo card and he said ‘Oh, just transfer by Monzo directly, that’s easier.’ (I believe they work on a freelance basis, getting a share of walk-in revenue and the majority of their ‘own’ clients, so me paying direct bypassed the POS fees and whatnot). As I walked out we realised we hadn’t exchanged numbers before, despite being friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the rest (I book him by messaging him on Facebook), so this would have been really handy then - he had to give me his number and I had to save it and wait for decent signal so my contacts synced.

I realise it’s an edge case, but sometimes you just want to send money to someone easily without scrolling forever to see if they even show up in the list. Having him just pop open the app so he showed up in this screen would have been lovely.

(Kieran McHugh) #29

It’s good for that use case (totally agree), but it’s not a requirement to have them as a contact :slight_smile: So I find it works really well for work colleagues or friends-of-friends!


It’s a cool features but can’t see myself using it that often. All the people I regularly send money too are already on Monzo :slight_smile:


This is only for Monzo users anyway, no? It’s just that they don’t have to be on your contact list.

(lewis oconnor) #32

so cool!

(Alex Sherwood) #33

Correct :slight_smile: but now you don’t have to share your contact details with people you know in order to send them money.


I know :slight_smile: . Just saying all the people I pay are in my contact list already


Until you meet new friends, who are currently friends of friends.


Friends? What are those? :wink:


It’s cool but I dunno if I’ll ever end up being in a situation where I use it.

It’s the sorta thing I imagine a hip London food truck would have a sticker for underneath ‘We accept Bitcoin/Etherium/Doge coin and Monzo Nearby Friends’.

(Alex Sherwood) #38

Two weeks ago, (random user) “I don’t think I’ll ever use Tags”, then..


But also, this is obviously only of those features that’ll become more popular / useful as Monzo grows..& it will help drive that growth.


Oh definitely. I’m not knocking it, I do think it’s really cool. Even if the average user only uses it once or twice in their lifetimes it’s another option in paying.

(Alex Sherwood) #40

It’s all good, I just thought I’d take the opportunity to use that as an excuse to mention those things & share that graphic again :grin:

(Matt ) #41

It’s a pretty cool feature. Although the person I would usually split bills with is already in my contacts. Will be more useful when monzo has grown a bit