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Can you not set up a payee to pay the credit card directly as people would standing order?

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Nope, the only display you get is your accounts with NatWest to choose from along with the balances.

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You can pay to it directly from the account that has the money in it though no? Personally I never pay credit cards from within the app the card is from, I just do a faster payment from my main account.


That would mean looking for a statement to find the sort code and account number for that credit card and then digging out my card with the full number on, bare effort.

Already got my current account details in Monzo so can transfer over and then pay from NatWest when the money lands.


The app has the full credit card statement. Which has full card number.

It has giro credit slip which I have never touched physically in my life. And it seems to have sort code on it. I couldn’t find an account number to pay. Searched online help for sort codes and account numbers, and only found a table for business customers. I guess in-app payment and direct debit are the only ways to go.

No more PayM soon. I don’t think I really know anyone who’s ever used it.

My mates and I used Paym all the time before I moved to Starling. I don’t know why banks didn’t auto–enrol customers’ phone numbers into the system.


I believe the whole standard’s being killed so it’s not just NatWest


Thankfully the app shows that notice every time I open it, so at least there’s no risk of not knowing about it…


Mine did until I decided to read the terms, also known as click the button, scroll through and then just dismiss it with the cross at the top. It’s not brought it back again since doing that.


But we are sort of back to internal only transfers working. For example one can transfer by phone number Revokut internal, Monzo internal, NatWest group internal, etc.

Apart from I hate Revokut one. It doesn’t tell me if the other user has Revokut and ends up spamming them with a revokut invite. When I do not want to invite anyone.






If I edit my post, your quote will make no sense. So I will leave it as it is.


Did I read somewhere (here?) that the 5% saver limit is increasing from £1K to £5K? Any one know when that is planned for?

I believe it’s 1 December. I have my SO ready and will be transferring £150 at the end of the month

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Fab, thank you. I shall do the same now then

I’ve reactivated my standing order too. I’d turned it off after 1k had gone in.

And don’t forget it’s per calendar month so you can (manually) put in £150 by the end of the month and then start the SO from December

I sort of wish they’d increase the deposit limit to £200/£250 though


It does if they have their number registered and shared on their account, as does monzo.

OMG. I thought that all “others” may or may not have revolut. But it seems they all don’t.

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