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Oh nice, this is what I was interested in seeing. So is each transaction a separate instalment plan, or under “my existing plans” would it show each purchase with its own progress bar?

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I will let you know once I have two transactions!
I believe under transactions menu they look the same as a regular card when it happened (chronological view).

Under instalments I am expecting one progress bar per transaction (like the screenshots).

And in statements / transactions I am expecting just the monthly repayment as a single amount repaid.

Posted because people asked, was gonna post once I have a statement and at least one repayment.

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I’ve got 2 cards showing on my current account :eyes: can only assume that means the replacement from Visa to MasterCard is on its way. Good job really, my latest card had a fight with a ink pen, a washing machine and a tumble dryer. It’s looking a bit worst for wear and totally mangled.

Withdrawal of cash at the post office gave me a notification, but I didn’t get one when I put money in at the post office yesterday


Well! Goodbye Premium Bonds?

Edit: still £150pcm limit :frowning:


The NatWest combined with Barclays will result in ability to stash away 10k at 5% which is £500 a year Personal Savings Allowance for higher rate people.

Granted it will take a while to ramp up NatWest saver. So I guess have to think of it as a more of a regular saver.

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I wonder if they’ll increase the monthly limit?

At the moment, starting a fresh DRS at £150 pcm will only get you 2.25% by the end of the first year.

If you’ve got £5000 in Santander, you’re best leaving it there.

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Yes, you’re right. At the moment all my money is in Premium Bonds which, over the course of almost two years, netted me… £100

I ought to move it out of there but the distant chance of winning a million is just too enticing.


This was me for a long time! I did rather better (about 2% return on maximum 50K) but the FOMO was always there when I thought about moving it :slightly_smiling_face:

I wish I was anywhere remotely near that! If I move my money to another savings account I’ll have to completely empty my bonds to get any remotely relevant interest…

Hopefully. It was the reason I pulled across to Barclays and made NatWest Dormant.

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You will get 5% on the money in the account not 2.25%.

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Of course you will because that’s the rate that they pay you on your balance. However, the amount of interest you actually earn is equivalent to saving the £1800 (12 x £150) for a year in a 2.25% account.

I probably could have explained it better in my prior email.


…if you save the maximum every month.

Same, I have money in Premium Bonds that I always knew I’d need to withdraw by the end of the year, and now I’m wishing I hadn’t put it in there at all as I’ll just wonder what if they came up as winners on the next draw. From now on I’m only gonna put money in Premium Bonds once I know I have no immediate need for it so it can sit there for a while.

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Round-ups don’t count towards the limit so if you want to get a bit more money in there, just turn on double round ups.

That’s not the most optimal like for like comparison. General advice is to drip feed from the savings account. If you have a lump sum, keep it in the best savings account you have. And every month withdraw and move monthly allowed allowance from said savings account to the 5% regular savings account. Thus each month one is constantly increasing the average interest rate earned, which will be higher than existing savings rate and ever getting closer to 5%.

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Thanks - good point.

Wanting to make an additional payment to my credit card. Go to the payments screen, Monzo card ready to input card details. Big fat nope, can’t pay it off using a debit card. Only options are to transfer from a NatWest account to the credit card :person_facepalming: thought maybe it’s just an app limitation, nah internet banking is the same.

Minor annoyance as now have to transfer money from one account to another.