NatWest chat

Thanks. Yeh I’d like them to increase the limit but hey ho, the fact they’re increasing the savings limit is good :+1:

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Or maybe 6th of December? Some odd article had it as 6th of December

Could well be! Whatever it is, it’s best to start putting money in now to build the balance up as quickly as possible.

That made it disappear for me for one app opening. It’s back now and I did the scroll through thing like five times now… so annoying

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The only reason I moved to Barclays from Natwest inc DD etc was the poor interest rates from the former. It’s my oldest account so it’s still open but dormant.

Still a £150 pcm cap though, think I’ll stick with Barclays, for now.

You can have both – I think it’s possible to fund the DRS from external accounts too

That’s true - but also faff. If I get to the point where I have the luxury of having over £5k to save, I can stick the rest in that :slight_smile:

A question for the financial hive mind :slight_smile:

I have a Digital Regular Saver account which so far has just had the £1000 in it for the 5% rate with no payments into it for the past year since it I hit £1000. In prep for the increased allowance I moved some money into my Natwest account and accidently shifted £300 into it. It let me do this with no issue. I’m a bit confused as my understanding was that you could only put a max of £150 a month into the account. Does this mean I have accured some credit for not having made any payments of the last year? In which case I can just dump funds into the account to get that increased 5% rate on an additional £4000?

I think the terms say that if you pay more than the allowance into the account it will eventually be returned and (if repeated) your account may be closed for breach of T&Cs

Edit: yes

  • You can only pay up to £150 into the account each calendar month. This includes your standing order and any extra money you put in. Round Ups won’t count towards your monthly £150 limit. Any amount over this limit may be automatically moved to your current account. If you repeatedly try to pay more than £150 each month into the account, you will be given 60 days’ notice to close the account.
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Okay, thats good to know, thank you! Hopefully they won’t punish me! I’ll just set up a standing order for £150 a month and leave it at that.

Hmm in light of your edit I’ll move the extra £150 out and leave it in the current account for next months standing order…

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So if I haven’t noted down my NatWest account details on the “your account details are reserved” page, am I out of luck until Royal Mail decide to deliver mail to me in, like January?

Registering for mobile banking needs my customer number but I got no emails beyond the ones from HooYu.

Not too fussed tbh but would like to have enough time to chuck £150 into their DRS before the month is up

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IIRC once you do that, you should then get an email with your deets on. Or you could maybe go into branch and see if they can help?

It was so long ago that I last did this it may well have changed.

If it’s the same as rbs, and I have no reason to believe it isn’t, the customer number will have been sent by email, as should the account details.

They have changed their sign up flow at some point – I was able to apply because I was no longer sent to the old form. At the end there was a screen saying “we’ve reserved your details”. I thought they’d email the bits to me but no, after I did my ID verification it all disappeared.

Today I got an email to say they’ve uploaded my welcome letter to online banking, which I couldn’t access without my Customer Number (which was in turn enclosed within that letter…).

So went into branch, witnessed the fall of high street banking, waited half an hour until every old person did their thing, and now I’m in :smile:

But it was shocking to see my local NatWest “branch”. The room completely gutted with some screens playing their TV ads, and one singular desk in the middle of this big, echoey room with one person being the “branch”. Most things customers wanted she said she couldn’t do and sent them away to come back during weekdays.

No wonder banks close branches due to “no demand” if nothing can be done in branch anymore and there’s one person in a huge room on the busiest day for working people


So today’s update, allows me to pay my credit card from other external bank accounts :raised_hands: they use Payit to provide that service so I don’t even have to mess about looking for details.


Their chat really is light years behind others. I found that the spending function doesn’t seem to be working currently (I found out in the end there’s a fault and they’re looking into it).

You send a chat, and you get a text message when they respond. Which is odd since you get push notifications for everything else. Even FD can somehow manage to do push notifications for chat (even if for nothing else)

Is that the only reason why it’s light years behind others?


Actually, quite possibly. For a legacy bank I think it does the whole “fintech” thing reasonably well. You get notifications, you can track spend across categories, set budgets and see other accounts in app. Plus the trends are super nice.

Sure it’s no monzoling but I consider it to be better than FD, Santander and a few others in terms of app functionality.

Got a DD refund today, I knew I was expecting one but couldn’t remember who from, took me a good few minutes to remember. The transaction details aren’t really helpful one bit, surely NatWest get more details than displayed in my feed. Tells you nothing at all about who it’s come from.


It’s the same with transfers. I had bills coming into a Natwest account and didn’t know who it was from until a day or two later when it updated.