Mini moan - joint account naming

For the third time now, I’ve had someone contact me to say that I haven’t paid for a service because I paid for it from our joint account and it has appeared in their statement under my husband’s name.

I know I can (and do) use a reference to help identify transactions, but I can’t be held accountable for how other people choose to monitor their accounts.

We are not in the 1950’s anymore, why is my husband’s name on these transactions and not mine?

Not something I’d thought of before

Did he invite you to open the joint account? I presume whoever sent the invite gets their name first on the account

when i send money - both names are sent…

the company may just be reading the first name shown.

Is the receiving bank truncating the name?

Ah, this makes sense. I can’t remember, but it is almost certainly the case that he invited me. I was wondering, because I’m not sure Monzo even asks for/keeps gender information.

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I suspect so.

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No they don’t. If any companies ask for it (credit reference agency for example) all get a Mx title

We specifically don’t ask for or store title or gender information.

I’m not sure what has happened in this case but I’ve just read the code responsible for names in outbound payments. Faster Payments are sent with the names of all account holders, separated by an &. We’re allowed 40 characters in the names field and populate it by dividing that by the number of people on the account, then running our name shortening code to make each name fit in the characters allowed to make sure that no names are dropped or otherwise unevenly weighted.

Given this, it sounds like something happened on the other end to drop the & and everything after it. :disappointed:

As for the order, this code reads the user IDs on the account in the order they’re stored. In this particular case, it’s the order they were added to the account, which seems likely that the person who initiated the joint account request could be first (but I wouldn’t guarantee this).


Thanks for looking into and giving me a detailed response :blush:

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Hi @Rika , seeing weird behaviour with a transfer from my joint account today. The name keeps flickering between my sole name and the names on my joint account