Naji to the rescue

(Jason Smith) #1

So just a quick post to say a bloody well done to @Naji last night at the Monzo event, the guy was being hounded with questions as no one could find anyone else from Monzo to ask and he spent so much time with everyone, a real credit to Monzo!

… even though he wouldn’t tell me when Apple Pay was coming! :joy:

(Tom ) #2

Here here. The host with the most! :champagne:

(Johnny Ellwood) #3

He was the same at the Newcastle event, making sure everyone who had a question got time with him. Even though it meant him nearly missing his train home!

(Naji Esiri) #4

Thanks for the kind words, and thanks to everyone who has come to a Monzo event this year! It’s honestly been a pleasure meeting you all and I look forward to organising event bigger and better community happenings in 2018 :heart:

I know one of the biggest draws of these events is being able to chat with some of the Monzo team and i need to do a better job of putting these dates in their diaries so they know what is going on!

Mike, Mickey and Fred were milling about as too - I’ll make sure we’re all in M tees next time so we’re easy to find :slightly_smiling_face:

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