Monzo monthly meeting (September) cancelled?

I met to attend this event and everbrite notify me. I took an hour from Hammersmith to old street where I only found locked door and few staffs were working. Did you guys cancelled this?
Why there is no notice?
Feeling less respectful now. And I am not very happy.

I’m not sure what event you are on about ?

Have you got a link to the eventbrite event page?

Of course

It was @bailey who organised it so I’d email/message her

Hey! I know you’re upset about this cancelled event, and I’m really sorry about it.

I’ve sent you an email, too, to apologise - we really wanted to host the event but there weren’t enough sign ups this time around.

If you are still in the Old Street area I’d be more than happy to meet up or show you around the office :slight_smile:

And of course at the next event (which we’ll do with a lot more fanfare!)

Email me at if you’d like to chat :slight_smile:

For future events, could not have a community category called “Events” or a link to the eventbrite page from here?

I was unaware there were any events being hosted by Monzo and I’d be interested to attend.


Yes please! I knew nothing about this one. :cry:

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Hey. Nice email conversation.
Keep up the good work and don’t work too late :smile:

Thankfully I got the cancellation notice before I stayed late at work.

This was one of the meetups for people who suggested names to replace Mondo. I didn’t book in time for the first one, couldn’t make the second one so settled for this one. Shame it was cancelled.

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