N26 Discussion

And we shouldn’t forget the extraordinarily long run-up to the launch and the accompanying hype. Many a mouth was watering, as I recall :smirk:


Three weeks is nothing.

It turns out N26 doesn’t play nicely with my phone camera - all the images are a mess - so I’ve been sick at the “upload your ID” stage for a long, long while… Just can’t be bothered to work out how to cancel the whole thing


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Eventually, you’ll be able to share a Space with other people so that you can save money and spend money together. It’ll work “like a WhatsApp group,” Stalf said.

Looks like Shared Pots are coming to N26 too.

Anyone managed to set up a direct debit on their N26 account yet?

Maybe Monzo can get further information on this to help with their cards??

Has anyone else had problems with their card when they first got it? I’ve tried it in three different shops both contactless and by pin and gets rejected Everytime, even says the pin is wrong when I know it isnt. Not a very good first experience :thinking:

Have u activated the card by using the card in an ATM?

Ah I did not do this :man_facepalming:t3:

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Think it’s something to do with setting the pin into the chip of the card which is why the terminals are saying it’s incorrect

Is this an advert for the internet banking app B from Virgin Money/Clydesdale/Yorkshire?

No, it’s an ad for the not–similarly named banking app N26.

Confusion abounds :joy:


Move over B


I don’t know, but when WalMart opened in Germany, the staff were told to smile to any customer within 10 paces, and to help them pack their bags at checkout. The smiling was interpreted as “flirting” and the checkout bagging was interpreted as “employees attempting to steal from them.”

This may have something to do with German customer service.


Where did you read this?

I’ve got 4 setup, but I wouldnt recommend using them for important things that you may wish or need to cancel in advance.

The way of accessing Direct Debits is a bit complicated for what it should be. You basically have to wait until one has been taken. You can go into the transaction and then “view mandate details” which then opens up another screen with a link to “view all direct debits”

I dont why they cant just give you an option in the menu to view them instead of going through 3 or 4 steps.

You need a bloody flowchart to work this app properly!

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Still can’t save payees, though :rage:

Here in Portugal in both Lidl and Aldi a lot of times they register stuff faster that you’re able to bag it, which I think is kinda rude and most people here would probably agree. You only pay after you’ve bagged everything as that’s the moment when youre supposed to notice if something’s wrong, like a leaky bottle or whatever it might be, so it’s not as if they can move on to the next in line. It just feels like they’re pressuring people to bag faster

Seriously, don’t German companies give some training to employees?

They’re trained to act exactly like that. You’re getting the exact service they plan.


Do N26 have any kind of public roadmap? The app doesn’t seem to have changed much since launch, it would be good to know what’s coming up.

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