N26 Discussion

And we shouldn’t forget the extraordinarily long run-up to the launch and the accompanying hype. Many a mouth was watering, as I recall :smirk:


Three weeks is nothing.

It turns out N26 doesn’t play nicely with my phone camera - all the images are a mess - so I’ve been sick at the “upload your ID” stage for a long, long while… Just can’t be bothered to work out how to cancel the whole thing


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Eventually, you’ll be able to share a Space with other people so that you can save money and spend money together. It’ll work “like a WhatsApp group,” Stalf said.

Looks like Shared Pots are coming to N26 too.

Anyone managed to set up a direct debit on their N26 account yet?

Maybe Monzo can get further information on this to help with their cards??