N26: launched in then left the UK


I’m sure this lot will put the cat amongst the pigeons. They already have a half decent app working all over Europe. Plus their Black Account card is one of the best looking cards I’ve seen.

They can hit the ground running with a semi mature app, they’re not in beta or preview.

Will be interesting.


They only have the black card in some countries, in some they only have their standard card

I’m sure if Ireland get the black account, the UK would also get a look in.

They have a web based log in and 3D MasterCard already up and running in their account. Their app looks nice too.

I did see foreign atm withdrawals at 1.7%, but I’m not sure which currencies they are referring to.

They seem quite popular in Europe and already seem to have partnerships/marketplace type offerings working.

When they hit the UK they will already be established and not setting up their app etc. It will be interesting as they mention the possibility of being in the UK by the end of the year.

now that is much more reasonable than 3%


And the competition hots up already. If they honour that when they launch here, it’ll put the pressure on.

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I do have to be honest, I did try to get a N26 account but they rejected me as I’m in the UK. When they do launch, I may test them out as an option for my main account.

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I have an N26 account, I got it about the same time as I got my mondo beta (april 16).

The app is fine, I like the layout and features. The savings addon is merely ok - the interest rates are not compelling and there is an interesting anomaly that the short term rates are better than some of the mid term rates!

The card is cool, largely transparent and you can see the contactless antenna which is useful when people ask how contactless works!

Where N26 fall down relative to monzo is in app support. It takes days to get a response from N26. They’ll need to up their game here.

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Looking at their site I’m not sure how it’ll translate in the UK where we’re used to free banking.

They say they’ll charge a monthly fee for the actual card and you’re limited to 5 ATM withdrawals a month. I thought packaged accounts in the UK we’re going to be the the next thing to be investigated which is what their Black account offers.

Interesting though.

I don’t pay a fee for my card (on the standard account)

I see they plan a fee eventually for the mastercard.

Its is free. Not sure what you’re reading? Maybe the Black packaged account?

Looks like they’ll do a free account with a digital card unless I’ve misread

Worth pointing out that (at those rates) it’s only more reasonable if you need to withdraw more than £460 in any 30 day rolling period.

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I did not say it was the cheapest. Using Monese or Starling is much better value than Monzo


You said (in comparison) that it was ‘more reasonable’. I was pointing out that that was not always the case. I made no further assumption.

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If Starling charge 0% and Monzo 3% that certainly is more reasonable :wink:


Come on Richard, no way will Starling keep 0% once they have more than half a dozen users


I think some of my colleagues have N26 accounts. We have staff of many different nationalities so we’ve tried and tested many challenger banks from different countries. Lots of them excel in different ways, and we certainly look at companies like N26 and bunq to see what we can learn from them.

Ultimately we are all looking to take customers away from traditional banks, and not each other. No two challenger banks are looking at this from the same angle and it’s not a zero sum game by any means.

We’ll be the first to congratulate them as and when they launch, as we know how tough it is to get to this stage! :blush:


don’t you mean half a million…they already have tens of thousands