My girlfriend got scammed from HMRC Scam will monzo refund?

Thanks for your answer, just wondering monzo if decide that is a legit scam they refund? Or they are against refund? I dont know if make sense what im asking sorry

If you have been defrauded, there’s a good chance they will refund you.

If they feel like you were at fault, then they might not.

Have a look here

Seems to be similar to your girlfriend and this person got a full credit from Monzo.

In whatever you(/your GF) speak to Monzo about, make sure to be really clear about how and why they managed to convince you they were legitimate.

Part of the “Auth. Push Payment” code is about your responsibilitiy - and your belief that the Scammer was a legitimate agent acting as who they said they are. You can see more on Which? here:

Monzo aren’t part of this Code, but “follow the intent” - so I take that to mean you might need to demonstrate to them really clearly why you should be repayed with “the intent” of the APP Code Reimbursement thing.

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Unfortunately the scammers a soon we understand that it was a scam he deleted all the proves, we gave all we could to monzo, hopefully they will refund us, what it means the follow the intent?

It means that provided you can show that you had no reason to suspect it wasn’t HMRC until it was too late then you should be entitled to a refund

Although if Monzo believe you where negligent then they may not refund the money.

They may decide that you weren’t negligent but given they are not part of the scheme they may still choose not to refund. (I would suggest this is the least likely outcome based on what I’ve seen here, but this is just my opinion and by no means certain)


Hi sorry to hear what happened, I am the one posted Got Scammed £1,256 the day before yesterday and I managed to get a full refund. Sorry I couldn’t reply you earlier.

Here are the evidences I sent to Monzo fraud team:

  • Screenshot of the calling log with the fraudster
  • Fake message I received from the HMRC
  • Screenshot of the forwarded email with the magic link (the fraudster changed my Monzo email address by asking me to forward an email I received to them)

The fraud team also asked me few questions regarding to what happened, such as how did they approached me, how did my other bank get involved, what did he ask me to do and so on. Also questions like if I ever tried to challenge the fraudster or have I seen the warning banner on the email I forwarded to the fraudster.

I tried my best to make it very clear that I was not been careless and I challenged the fraudster many times but the fraudster outsmarted me and threaten me that if I don’t do what he tells me to do I will loose my money. I also stated that I have been under stress and I was trying my best to be careful, and I did not see the warning banner because it they fraudster was saying someone is swiping money off my account and he needs that email immediately.

I reacted about 2-3 hours after I transferred the money. But as long as you did not report this scam a week or a month later it should be okay. Just trying to explain your gf’s situation as she is foreign and do not know much about this hmrc and bank thing in uk, she was threatened that this could be some sort of legal issues and under a lot of stress because of it.

Hopefully Monzo can get your money back and everything will be okay!


Thanks everyone for your help, we dealing with monzo, finger crossed :grin:


Thanks everyone for the support, today monzo refund us all the scam, you
Guys been very helpful
Hope good day to everyone


Great news! - Thanks for the update :+1:

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Hey, so I also got scammed today and ended up paying around 1400 pounds. I feel very embarrassed and I would like to know what is the first step I’d have to take? (Based on your experience)

I have tried contacting them through a phone call but they don’t deal with these matters by phone, so I’m wondering if you just sent a formal email to them explaining the whole situation or did you tell them through their live chat?

I have already started a chat but the waiting time is 3 hours so I’m starting to panic here. I just want to be clear to them as to how I was manipulated into sending them the money even after I questioned their methods.

Thank you!!

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In app chat is the way to go, it’ll take a few days for an email reply. They’ll need to investigate before they can refund you


Yes contact them by chat, they will help you step by step

Did you click the transaction to dispute it with the something’s wrong option or whatever it’s called or just start up a chat. 3 hours isn’t long to be fair just wait it out and they’ll crack on with helping you

Okay so I have already made contact with them through the app, thanks everyone for the advice !

However, I am still very worried as it’s been a day ( everything happened yesterday ) and the scammers are still trying to contact me through whatsapp, this is all because they want me to send more money to them.

I am going to block them but it’s really impressive to me how they haven’t walked away with the 1.4k they already have from me but are still harassing me.

Thank you for the advice!

Thanks for the update

Good luck with getting it sorted

Sad to hear that, but I guess lack of shamelessness is not a “helpful” quality if you are a scammer

So it wasn’t a HMRC scam then?

No it was ! They pretended to press charges against me as a result of tax fraud and evasion. They said that they would need several payments from me to clear my allegations and to resolve my “criminal case”.

The whole situation was really upsetting and extremely exhausting as they used my emotions against me to manipulate me to send them money.

Really sorry to hear that there’s been another victim of this type of fraud.

Unfortunately, there’s an element in our society who want to take advantage of people and get their hands on your hard earned money.

If you’ve raised this with our team through the app then they’ll be doing all they can to investigate this and get to a resolution for you.

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A good rule of thumb is to never pay anyone money who gets in touch with you out of the blue. Always politely decline, Google the company and phone them back on the number listed on their official website.

I’ve never known any company contact people through social media either.

Hope you get it sorted :crossed_fingers: