My account has been blocked for over 19 hours!!!

My account has now been frozen for over 19 hours - even after providing information the transaction was not fraudulent I was paying a legitimate organisation, I have a personal event tomorrow and a life-changing event in the next few weeks with no access to my money I have been dealing with chat with no help what so ever! Monzo have not provided me with a time line either

These things take time, all you can do is be patient while Monzo check over everything to make sure your money is safe.

Its undersandably frustrating but something triggered a fraud flag and even though you’re saying the one transaction was legitimate there could be more to it than that.


Welcome to Monzo.

Don’t forget, we are community users just like you and have no means of account access.

As with any bank, you just need to wait for them to respond.

Hopefully not much longer provided you’ve given what monzo have asked for. It’s for them to calculate whether the payment was risky based on what evidence you’ve provided.

If banks just took “the payment is fine it’s not fraud” statements as gospel, it’d be an easy win for the fraudsters.

If you remain unhappy after a reasonable timeframe has passed, raise a formal complaint (though that can take a min 4 business days for a response of acknowledgement).