Multiple receipt images no longer available in full screen


Seems to be a bug with viewing multiple receipts for a given single transaction in v1.4.2 :bug:

If there is more than one receipt image attached to a transaction, and I tap on it to go full screen, I can only see one image and am no longer able to swipe between the others.

The images are still there, closing the full screen image and returning to the detailed transaction view I can still swipe between them.

Happening to anyone else or just me?

(James Nicholson) #2

Hi @David.D, thanks for the bug report and repro steps โ€“ reproduced the problem here.

Looks like itโ€™s already fixed in our upcoming release, v1.5.0 (I love when that happens), which should ship in a week or so :thumbsup:

Thanks again and have a great weekend!


Thanks for the quick reply, look forward to it - also the data export function :grinning:

(James Nicholson) #4

Itโ€™s gonna be a great release :tada:


1.5 you say? Sounds like a feature release!

(tom) #6

Iโ€™ve been playing with a preview of 1.5, and it is really great :grinning:

Really looking forward to the release!