Sent Money Scroll Issue

(Dan) #1

Hi Guys,

I was just playing around scrolling earlier, and noticed that on viewing a transaction that’s a Sent Money transaction (which includes a contacts image)… If you scroll far enough, it opens a window that only displays the photo in the top left.

Heres a video to demonstrate:

I assume this is reusing the normal, expected functionality of when you do the same thing with a transaction with map data (because it shows the map full screen - looks totally normal).

I tested this with a contact image greater than the screen width of my iPhone, and it looks okay, just seems to be smaller images that don’t look quite right?

It’s nothing serious, but worth pointing out.

Also, keep up the great work. Super excited for the new name on Thursday.


(Tristan Thomas) #2

Thanks Dan! We’ve got this on the radar (you’re right, it’s when there’s a small image for the person) so hopefully will get it fixed :slight_smile:

Please keep the feedback coming!