Rename accounts from personal & joint to shopping & top-up


In my Natwest app I am able to change my account names from standard to a custom name which makes it easier to tell them apart and also what i them use for.

Will there be a feature in future where I can change the names of the accounts as this would be very useful?


To change them as shown in the monzo app?

Does your NatWest account name not show in the monzo app?

Or are you unable to change your Monzo account name from Current account?

You can only have one account with monzo, the rest are pots /joint account and labelled as such therefore the option to rename your current account wouldn’t really be of any use.

I’m not sure how useful that would be in Monzo since AFAIK you can only have one of each account.

In Natwest, it helps if you have (as I did) two current accounts, so one was named “Spends” and “Bills”

I didn’t need that when I was with Monzo since I could only have one current account, and I could rename Pots as needed.

Genuinely interested in your use case for this.


I am unable to change my Monzo account names from Current account and Joint Account.

This would be useful for me as I get used to the new accounts and the different purposes I have for them.

It won’t be possible to rename them as there’s no general purpose to do so, though appreciate it may be easier for some to manage that way.

Current/Joint accounts are the only ones functional, the rest just move or hold money IE pots etc.

If you’d prefer to label as a spend account or similar, check out Plus or Premium as they come with the option to create and add virtual cards to pots and allow to spend directly from them.

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But you can’t have multiple?

If you had 5 personal accounts then maybe, but you only have one?


I don’t know your true use case, but it seems like using pots with the different names might work here. That’s essentially the same thing, with the exception that they won’t have separate account number s.

If you need, specifically, multiple current accounts with different names you’re better off sticking with Natwest/looking at chase

Thanks for the advice. I think I may have got the wrong end of the stick with pots. I didn’t think you could spend money directly from pots, if you can that would fix the issue as I could put money in various ports and then use virtual cards to spend the money??

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You can do exactly that.

But you only get 5 and you can’t name them.

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Yes so you can if you have plus and have a virtual card assigned to it. But as @Revels notes you can only have 5 (in that way).

Don’t forget one of the pots can also be a bills pot in terms of paying direct debits “from it” in that it will automatically transfer the money out to your main account.