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(Augustin Vérot) #1

Being able to get 2 or more cards linked to a unique account could be very helpful. It could be the equivalent of a ‘joint account’. 2 friends/partners could top-up the same amount on the account each months and then could have their own card linked to this accounts. It would help to pay for groceries, bills etc…

We have to talk about Joint Accounts
Does Monzo offer a joint account?
Does Monzo offer a joint account?
(Alex Sherwood) #2

This will be a great feature, it’s on it’s way, after the current accounts launch :slight_smile:

Hugo (Monzo’s Head of Design) has shared some more thoughts on what these might look like here -

& here -

While we’re waiting, another user’s shared their work around, to replicate some of the functionality which might help?

(Peter Williams) #3

Thanks Alexs. Quick update on the above workaround - now even simpler!
We now use the bill splitter feature to request the payment.
Click on the ‘customise’ option.
Enter the amount

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Joint accounts are also being discussed here: