Joint account for 3rd user

Hi there

In monzo I and my wife we use joint account and it very useful and manage budget for food. So my sister will be moving to live with us and she like to support and share money to manage budget better.

So I can’t see it possible to add her to exist joint account?

Like 3 user link to same account so we can check the balance and what we spend on food.

I suggest the idea to monzo to have option to increase joint account to 5? Think it perfect for family or friend who live together?

What you think?

I’m all for this type of set up.

So useful for a shared house, or your set up, or more dynamic relationships that most.

I’m not against this per se, but I would warn against it for a house share. I did something similar with Lloyds when I was at uni and 12 years later those housemates still appear on my credit report.

Not knowing a lot about it, and assuming it is a bit of a faff, can’t you file a notice of disassociation to the CRA’s? Not to say it’s a good or bad idea to go into a financial partnership with others when it connects your files. I guess that’s situation dependant.

Great idea, perfect for polyamorous partnerings as well.

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