Joint account between 3 or more people

Hey, I don’t think this is a thing in the app but I was wondering if Monzo would support joint accounts between 3 or more people.

My friends are in a triad relationship, and love using Monzo, yet the joint account offering doesn’t work for them because they can’t create an account between the three of them equally :frowning:

Have to say I’ve never heard of this before

Does a bank account exist anywhere that will cater for these needs?

If I’m remembering correctly it was said by someone on the livestream when they launched joint accounts that this was possibly something they’d look at in the future

One of them used to work at Barclays and I’m sure they said there’s no limit on their system on how many names can be on an account. (No idea how you set this up though…)

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They can - it’s called a business.

The problem is that polygamy is illegal, so banks are skewed to providing private banking for up to two people only :man_shrugging:

Very little chance of finding a three-person account

Polygamy may be illegal, but that’s an issue with multiple marriage; there is nothing to say a bank account has to be between two people married to one another, and many people I know are in long term relationships that have not resulted in a marriage.

If the people involved are happy to link their financial lives together I can see nothing that should prevent the creation of a trio (or more) account. It would be very forward-thinking of Monzo to accommodate this.


Great idea. Sharing a flat with 3 people and having a joint account can help with rent and improving things for all three people


Yes! I have a joint bank account with two others with NatWest - had five people on the account at one point.

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And link your three credit and financial reports together, so you’d have to trust that 2 (potentially random) flatmates have sensible attitudes towards finance.

I’d never advocate for a joint account in that case.

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But if they’re friends and you all want idk a new tv. All saving in one joint account for a common goal. Maybe with a lock on it so what ever you put in can’t be taken out till the goal is reached

I feel like something like shared pots would be a cool idea. Maybe after they introduce committed / bill pots they could look into sharing setting for it. Would be useful as I currently pay for family plan Spotify and Netflix and my sisters phone bill but my stepdad pays be back (after nagging a bit).

Would be cool if he could just put £40 into a shared pot every payday and not have to worry about it and have me asking for the money.


I’ve had a joint account with more than 2 people on it in my uni days.

Natwest, as others pointed out, did it.

That’s not really a joint account, just a shared pot.

With a joint account, every account holder has rights to access the funds there, so someone could simply swipe all the money. But that’s not the issue mentioned above

Joint accounts create a financial link between account holders on credit reports so what the other(s) do with their finances impacts your score and vice versa. Meaning you really have to trust the people you get a joint account with

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This really isn’t something a banking app is needed for.

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Is this not to some extent what a shared tab could be?

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A joint account for a TV is pretty over the top. Like I said, it’ll link your credit files together, so you’d need to trust the other 2 people to have/maintain good credit histories and to not touch any of the money. If you want to lock it down so only one person has access to the money or something, that’s called a sole account… if you want some weird hybrid access control, that’s no longer a joint account and more like a shared pot.

All that to make saving for a TV slightly more convenient.

I agree. I still wouldn’t even if I trusted them though.

A financial connection (as you’d get with a joint account) is a serious commitment that has long term consequences. Personally I’d only open an account with a partner who you plan on spending the rest of your life with. Sadly friends come and go, especially uni ones at the end of your studies.


Wouldn’t you just inform the CRA that the financial association had finished?

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Okay well what about a truple? A three way relationship. I mean like 2019 and these relationships exist. Sooo what just a joint account and one is left out? Not really fair

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