Moving abroad, shutting down Monzo Account

I’ve been working in the UK but will be moving back to my home country India next month.

I’ve only used Monzo during my time here, my question is can I transfer all my money from Monzo to my Indian bank account (say using Transferwise) once I’ve reached India or would I need to do this before I leave London? (Ideally would like to use Monzo until my last day include for the taxi to the airport).

Are there any limits on the amount of money I can transfer from Monzo to India? Any additional verification required?

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There shouldn’t be any issues transferring it after you’ve left the UK.

I have no idea on limits for foreign transferrals I’m afraid.


If you search limits in the app help tab this should let you navigate to a page showing all your limits.

Can’t remember if there’s one specifically for international transfers, but there def is for transfers in general.

Edit to say def no need to close it while you’re physically in the UK.


Thanks for your responses everyone.

It seems there’s a daily limit of 10K but no monthly limits.

I will close my Monzo account once I land in India.


maybe download your bank statements before you jet off

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I don’t think you actually need to close your account by the way… not certain maybe someone else can confirm.

You should at least update your details though

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My dads no longer resident in the UK and still has his Monzo account that he uses when he comes to visit still to avoid fx fees on his debit card from the country he is resident in.

If you loose your card you will need to pay the international card replacement fee but my dad uses my mums address to have anything sent to.

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