Access Monzo through Plaid

It would be great to be able to access Monzo through Plaid. For DAS budget there is a trick to get them to sync, but I can’t sync it Monarch Money because Monzo doesn’t come up in a search through Plaid. It’s extremely annoying to have to do a manual entry (add each transaction I make through Monzo individually). I use Monarch Money to see a complete overview of all my accounts (Like Mint or Personal Capital but better).

Not being able to do this might end up being a dealbreaker for me, and I may have to use my credit Union much more than I desired until Monzo is out of Beta.

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Hey @Raijah03, thanks for the feedback and we totally understand. While we launched linked accounts via Plaid within the Monzo app recently, we haven’t yet rolled out a full Plaid integration that will allow you to link your Monzo account within other apps like Mint as you mention. However, this is one of our priorities and something we’re hoping to launch soon - you can check out our product roadmap here to see a bit more of what we have in store.