Plaid Integration

I rely pretty heavily on Plaid integrations for certain finance things online and I am really sad that Monzo doesn’t have Plaid integration.

Is there any plan to get this up and running?

Is this for UK or US Monzo?

Plaid seems to support UK Monzo via open banking.

For US, sorry.

I find it very odd that there are features in the UK version that are not implemented in the US. Why the huge differences?

Two different customer bases. The American banking system and the way things work over there is very different to ours.

I don’t know how integration between banks and third parties works in the US, but in the UK banks are required to provide an API that third parties with appropriate approval from the UK regulator can connect to. Monzo UK have done this but then the onus is on the third party (such as Plaid UK) to integrate. So its the third party that should be contacted if there is no integration.

In the US is it the other way round with the onus on the bank to connect to third parties such as Plaid? Or are you making the request on the Monzo forum because Monzo US have not released an API for Plaid to connect to?

@moderators perhaps worth moving this thread to the Monzo USA category

My apologies for posting this in the potentially wrong forum.

I am not really sure how the integration would work (that’s up to engineers), I just know that I need Plaid in the US to connect to financial services I use on a regular basis. Until it happens I can’t use Monzo beta.

What’s the norm in the US?

Is it that the bank connects to the third party, or is it the other way round (as in UK)?

I suspect its the later, in which case perhaps your request should go to Plaid rather than Monzo.

I honestly have no idea! I’ll reach out to Plaid, too.

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So if I’m reading the dev quickstart guide correctly, it looks like Monzo would connect to Plaid. Quickstart | Plaid Docs

Since both have an API then either party can connect and do all sorts of things. Without knowing what kind of data Plaid would need then it’s hard to say who needs to do what.

The way to make this happen would be to convince either Monzo or Plaid that it would warrant the time and money to build the connection. I’d suggest that anyone who would find this useful votes at the top of this topic. It doesn’t look good with just 1 vote at the moment.

+1 Plaid integration would be great so users can use tools such as YNAB for budgeting across multiple institutions.


Plaid is pretty common here in the US, and I assume it’s Monzo that has to connect and utilize Plaid. I know Monzo USA is still beta so things can change, but the lack of Plaid here is still surprising given how common Plaid is in the US.

It’s just occurred to me it’s not entirely clear what form of integration is being requested in this thread. Is it A) ability to see data from other banks and cards in Monzo app (via Plaid), or is it B) ability to see Monzo account data via Plaid?

If it’s A then yes onus world bee on Monzo to connect to Plaid’s API to see data from other banks.

But if it’s B then I expect the onus is on Plaid to decide it wants to connect to and support Monzo.

I would really think customers would benefit from both. For instance, I can connect all my accounts into Ally and then I can connect Ally into a budgeting app like Copilot. That is all done through Plaid.

I don’t necessarily need to be able to track my other accounts inside of Monzo but being able to connect my other accounts easily for transfers would be awesome. It usually annoys me when I see balances from other accounts along with my main account. If you could keep it separate, other account balances would be ok.

Yeah, that’s a good question. I think primarily using Plaid to enable the ability to easily verify ownership of accounts to get ACH transfers going quicker. That’s probably the reason I expect Plaid. It does make things so simple.

The second piece… not so much, especially if I don’t have the option to turn off displaying external account information. I could see it being a great option for some people though.

This is a great way to summarize it. I know I’d love Plaid integration so I can add my Monzo account to say something like Copilot or Minit or Clarity Money…whichever.

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I think Plaid should be used to look at upcoming bills in the same way the UK shows pending debits. It would be ideal to then use the plaid Integration to pay the bills. Right now I have another app (Prison) to pay bills and see what is coming up… I believe they are using the Plaid integration to make it all happen.

Oh no. I was afraid of this. My Monzo card is on the way and I was soooo excited. This just pretty much made it impossible for me to implement now. Bummer.

I’m going to keep the account open though, maybe this will be implemented soon. In the meanwhile I’ll probably go with One Finance. Which, I don’t want to do. :frowning:

Jesus, why can’t I put in more than one vote… This is crucial for me to be able to use Monzo as I’ll need to utilize YNAB as a budgeting tool until Monzo’s gets underway more, and until they get a web interface.