Salary Sweep Up - community marketplace of scripts!

Been working on a weekend project and unsure if this idea was shared here before :thinking: I’d love to see an option (in the same vein as transaction round-up) which moves all my account balance into a pot after payday so I can start each month a fresh.



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Amazing! This is the sort of thing I think Monzo should absolutely be doing themselves - great that the Community is leading the way though!

This is exactly the type of thing I had in mind over here:

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For sure, it’ll be super interesting to see how the marketplace on Monzo comes into play and how ‘exclusive’ the contents are.

Can third party developers using the public API get involved? Could something like this be integrated via that?

Building this as a standalone app with tight integrations to make it as easy and simple for users as possible. For the most part, you’ll never need to open it once configured.

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Make Monzo as open and extensible as possible - whilst maintaining security = win, imo!


Would love the salary sweep up, that would be very cool.
I really liked the idea of IFTTT integration but there is just nothing that I need on it currently, so this would allow me to do the sort of things that would be useful.

I’d love for you to share this once it’s finished.

I strongly dislike how in Monzo it’s impossible to see how much of your budget is left over after the month has passed, so I always find myself having to do maths to find out how much I can put in a pot.

The “Money In / Money Out” breakdown is 100% useless. I’ve set £335 as my budget, excluding committed spending, last month I spent £291. Nowhere on the Summary screen for the month of February does it say “£335 - £291 = £44”, so I’m left guessing.

If your IFTTT trigger can correctly work out those £44 and move them into a pot for me, that’d be perfect :smiley:

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Wow! Both of those scripts are exactly what I want (and otherwise do manually each month).

I would say on this I get a monthly feed item which summarises the previous month, and this tells me how much I had left at the end (which is what I currently use rather than working out the maths). Not ideal, but works!

The best bit is these are just two examples I put together, it’s scalable and should be simple enough for anyone to create their own. Or the community aspect comes together and anyone can share theirs - opens a lot of possibilities

Hell ya! This is something I’ve wanted for ages - mentioned it on Twitter to Tom Blomfield when he asked what he’d love to see in 2019. He liked it, so maybe something that could come eventually? :crossed_fingers::pray:

This is an amazing idea which I would love to see implemented!

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Hi @Sherlock … how did the Salary Sweep Up work this month-end? Did it work as planned?

If so, might you be willing to share the applet or the code? It would be great to have this functionality.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Where is this?

I’m sorry @jarvo is there a reason you anticipated such a script not to work this past month end? Monzo tag certain transactions as being your “payday” transaction - this is the same logic which gives users a push notification on payday saying you’ve been paid.

This script runs whenever a new transaction is received, it then checks to see if it’s tagged as payday, takes your balance before the transaction and transfers that into a pot of your choosing.

There’s no logic within the app/script to decide a point in time to run this script - all based on Monzo’s salary detection. (at time of writing, anyway)

As above, but more simply the flow this uses is: Webhook for New Transaction -> Check ‘payday’ attribute -> Get balance -> Take off value of the transaction -> Move into pot with name x.

As for sharing the actual code, this is a bit more complicated – the whole value in what I’m working on is a system to make building these scripts super easy and sharable in a “marketplace”. So yeah, I could, and will (when the app is released) share the script but the code behind the scenes is obviously doing so much more.

If you just want this capability, I’d encourage building your own - and I’m more than happy to support with any more questions on the Slack ( - Just reach out on there with specific questions and I’ll do my best to help you through it!

On my phone :eyes: First proof of concept went very well, working on a new authentication system which will make it easier to scale and increase capabilities (among other benefits not important to this thread)

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Ah yes, whoops. Certainly have faith in you … I’m just a solutions architect and have to know it’s worked in testing! :wink:

Thanks for the help, I’ll certainly give that a go, and shout if I get stuck. Most appreciated :smile:

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Didn’t take it anyway other than being inquisitive, don’t worry about it! I genuinely thought I might have missed something though, sometimes something being so simple is a curse!

I’d love to know how to do this.

@Eddee16 - The comment I posted the other day might be helpful to you :smile: If you have a more specific question then please send it my way and I’ll do my best to answer it for you!

Salary Sweep Up!

It’s more that I’m not familiar on how to create web hooks etc! I followed a guide by someone once to create a web hook and then shortcut for adding things to a pot manually without opening the app, super useful. But making something from just a description is out of my expertise :joy:

This is exactly the audience I’m aiming for with the product shown in the first tweet! No programming knowledge is needed!

Ahhh I seeeeee. Apologies I thought this is something that was relatively easy (once pointed in the right direction) to create myself using IFTTT and the Shortcuts app, as I’ve done before.