Most appealing feature in Monzo Plus?

Really hard to pick just one. I went for Google Sheets, but it’s really 50/50 between that and Virtual Cards for me.

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At first read I thought the title was “Most appalling feature in Monzo Plus” :joy:

To be honest I see the most potential in account aggregation and earlier today I said what I’d need to see to keep paying for the feature


I voted for virtual cards, but once Amex has been added to the list of card accounts that can be displayed for aggregation, I’ll change to that.

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I’ve gone for virtual cards, with the hope that they will be improved to link them to pots/have their own spending limits, etc. I know they’re looking into this, but that there are regulatory hurdles to get them there.

If I had to vote for the least appealing feature, the retailer offers or the credit tracker would be fighting it out.


I voted account aggregation. That’s the feature in the package that’s most likely to get me interested in paying.

However I’ve just tried Plus and am a bit underwhelmed by the account aggregation in its current form. It shows basic balances and transactions from other accounts but from presentation/analysis perspective none of the bells and whistles of other aggregators like transaction enrichment, notes, categorisation, transaction search, spending analytics, and budgeting. Hopefully that will come with time. To be fair to Monzo it does seem to have focussed on payment initiation aspect of open banking, which works well and is not common elsewhere. Unfortunately for me that’s just not an aspect I’m particularly interested in.

The enhanced categorisation features on the Monzo account and virtual cards look good, but again not something I feel I need.

I’ll probably cancel before the cooling off period and await improvement to account aggregation before taking another look in a few months.


For me this was a toss up between virtual cards and custom categories with transaction splitting.

I went with virtual cards because of the way Monzo have designed and implemented them. There is so much potential for expansion and feature sets that would be easy to implement into Monzo’s UI design (though perhaps not so easy on the backend) and we’ve already seen a good number of suggestions from users here such as pot linking, self destructing cards, freezing controls, among a few others. And someone from Monzo has picked up on a couple as a clear next step for Virtual cards, which shows they’re listening and planning to add more over time.


I went for custom categories personally because I think it’s the most polished feature, and definitely a useful one to keep a better record of your spending.

You can see massive potential for the account aggregation for when more join the list (though it’s still very handy for me considering 2 of my less used credit cards out of 4 are on there to keep an eye on… Here’s hoping for Amex soon :crossed_fingers:t2:) so I’m looking forward to what comes next on there.

Just getting used to virtual cards which is another great feature. Although you can’t use it for contactless with Google Pay or Apple Pay, which is fine, it works a treat with Curve and PayPal (saves having to update your card with them every time you get a new one and have to go through the small charges they make to verify the card on each occasion!) I know it’s another layer on top of another, but I like security :wink:

For a fiver a month, I don’t think it’s anything to grumble at in my opinion :+1:t2:


I’m going to go out on a limb and say I like most of the features of plus, besides the Google Sheets integration.

Yes, I’d like to see some more offers added, some more account integrations etc, but on balance it was the integrations that got my vote.

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I’m sad to see that Spreadsheets has only captured 7% of the vote.

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I’ve been wondering. Does the Google Sheets update? Say I went back in time and changed a category, does this update the Google Sheet?

Yep! It’s an always up-to-date history of your personal account.

I was playing with Dashboard building and you can actually watch as your data moves around when you tweak things.

I think the one thing that might not change is the notes field, or doesn’t change if you update it to be blank

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Some observations…

It seems top three most selected features and their order is stable regardless of whether community is asked to pick one most appealing feature (this thread) or top three features (a different thread)

  1. Virtual cards
  2. Categorisation enhancements
  3. Connected accounts

In both threads the 4th, 5th, and 6th most common picks are auto-export transactions, holographic cards, and in-credit interest, but the order varies between polls. When asked to pick single most appealing feature (this poll) a similar number of people pick each of these features (6 to 7% each). But when allowed to pick top 3 features (other thread) in-credit interest appears in a lot more people’s top 3 (42%) than auto-export (14%) and holographic cards (25%).


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I just voted for ‘retailer offers’ because I read the title as “Most appalling feature” :roll_eyes:


I read the title this way every time.


People just done see the #VALUE


I usually love messing around with data and I can see all the cool things people have been doing with it but I haven’t actually found anything useful that I can use it for (yet) :pensive:

Surprised that % interest features so little here. I would move to a rudimental basic account so long as there was a better than most interest account on savings.

Isn’t that logical though? Paying £5 a month to receive (max) £1.66 interest surely can’t be the most appealing feature!


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