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Hi All,

I work for a little Fintech startup in the mortgage space called Burrow. We are backed by the same team as Monzo no less.

There are a few other startups in this space and I wonder what everyone’s feelings are on the topic. Personally, I can’t wait for Monzo to develop their own mortgage offering!

Here’s an article on the Guardian outlining the various mortgage broker Fintech-ers in the space.


As far as we know so far, they won’t be. However, they plan on offering them via their Marketplace.

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oh really? Do you have a link, or similar, on the mortgage marketplace topic?


I’m at work using my mobile on my break, but a quick search should see you right. Either ‘marketplace’ or ‘mortgages’ will be sure to bring up some highlights.


They did a blog post on the subject of Marketplace last Thursday. :+1:


This from the Trello Road map;