Monzo pilots remortgaging with Mojo

Interesting article from Which, noting that Monzo is piloting remortgaging from within the app with Mojo, an online broker. Some screenshots in the article:

I like that this is coming, but I was interested that it is only for 2000 folk, with no commitment for a broad roll out. I’d rather an in app chat / full automation to a phone call, though (or the option thereof).

{This had been noted over here, but I thought it worthy of a new thread given it’s now live for some folk).

Anyone seeing this in their app?

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Not seeing it in the app and as far as I’m aware it’s on the back burners for a bit as well.

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Saw this earlier. Asked COps if I could be involved in the trial. Was given the go-ahead - and got the link (deep link via chat) to do so - but the trial is only for sole-applications. Mine is a joint-mortgage application so it didn’t work out this time. I’ll pursue directly with Mojo to see if I get a better mortgage deal when compared with the usual offerings.

Despite this - good to see there are lots of tie-in’s and partner-agreements happening in the background to help make :monzo: a preferred financial solution :+1:


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