Mortgage equity feature bugs

This is reproducible

Bug 1
Firstly my road has 7 houses, we’re in No.1.
It correctly shows my house address
It then lists 5 properties in the street omitting my house and another so I can’t choose my house.

Bug 2
So next I try and do it manually
It asks for purchase price (fine)
It then asks for moving in date.
I select that and click next
It says an error has occurred.

best posting here:

but gonna cc @HB in here so they see it too.

I had exactly the same issues…

If you bought a long time ago the purchase information will not be available from land registry hence your property is not shown automatically.

The date is a bug.,

if you enter a date before 1995 it won’t accept it. In my case I purchased in 1994, so going with 1995 want such a big issue…

Ignore - what I said before this edit (the coffee hadn’t hit the system :coffee: )

We thought we had fixed this so we’re just digging into this now! :slight_smile:

Whilst the Land Registry transaction data goes back to 1995 - we do have UK data back to 1968 so it should** be supported - we think some of the historic region data might be playing up.

Good to know, thanks. PM me and I can tell you the exact address to try.

I’ve managed to find one to replicate - but thank you though!

Btw 1995 worked for me too. Thanks @caribo for tip.

Hey @Rustyf & @caribo - want to try checking with your actual purchase dates now? :pray: It should be possible to get that estimate before 1995! Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Nothing like a Friday fix!

My purchase date was 1994, and it now works!



My address is still missing from the list of presented addresses (bug 1) but I can pick 1994 (bug 2) so 50% success :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It is missing from the list as the original purchase details are not available… maybe the purpose of the list needs to be made clearer as it is a bit confusing…

If that’s the reason then yes, not clear.

The equity amount is wrong for me as it only takes account of one part of my three part mortgage with Nationwide, with each part being reported separately on my credit report.

Also Scottish properties can’t be found, so have to enter purchase amount separately, yet some of the house detach websites can find the Scottish house purchase amounts.