Mortgages and other feedback ideas

Hey Monzo

I have upgraded my account because I like the fact that Monzo believe in faster payments and instant notification.

I do have some feedback and ideas which I hope Monzo will seriously look into.

1: it would be good for Monzo to look into branching out into mortgages, meaning at present you can add your mortgage account into Monzo but wouldn’t it be good to actually apply for a mortgage with Monzo bank themselves. You apply directly within the app including all the necessary checks and document uploads and credit checks, then you get your mortgage in principal. Once approved you get a section within the app showing how much is left of your mortgage and the repayments amounts and the expected date of completion of the mortgage and the current interest rate, which could be lower than the high street banks.

2: the other idea is, to be able set up standing orders and direct debits from within the app it’s self rather than having to do it with the companies.

3: starling bank, do a thing where customers can get a certified bank statement. Once you select the bank statement you need or choose a date range one, you have the option of having it digitally stamped so it has a bank certified stamp on it saying the date and time and a legal wording saying it’s a certified genuine copy

  1. Monzo do not have the money to offer mortgages. It’s been suggested many times. Have a search.
  1. Standing Orders you can set up from the app already. That’s not how direct debits work, so that will never happen

  2. Not really sure how a stamp makes it certified. You can get a normal statement which is fine or you can ask for a printed and stamped one.

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Starling’s stamp has a unique reference number for each “stamped” statement that can be verified, I believe. Not sure if there’s any evidence that it’s more widely accepted than any old PDF though.

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