Mortgage account visibility

Hey guys

I love seeing other accounts in mpnzo but would be great to also see my mortgage account alongside my others with the same bank. If it was ever possible also the ability to transfer a direct overpayment from monzo would be awesome.


Hi Simon

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I would certainly love that too, but it seems unlikely in the near term while there is no obligation upon mortgage providers to provide the details in Open Banking

You and I both keep an eye out though


I’ve been pestering Atom Bank about this. I’m told it’s on the road map and that an open banking API for digital mortgages is coming soon. So at least one mortgage provider is working on it.

Worth bearing in mind though, coming soon to atom is on a whole other scale beyond Monzo’s definition. Touch ID, current accounts, and a Mac app have all been coming soon for over 3 years now.

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I send mortgage overpayments each month - you’ll need the bank details for your mortgage provider plus the correct reference number to quote. Contact your mortgage lender for the details and set them up as a payee.

Note that depending on the type of mortgage there may be restrictions on how much you can overpay during a specific period before incurring penalties - for example I can only overpay 10% of the original loan amount in a 12 month period.