Morrison's More Points to end 10 May 2021

Just got this email:

With Morrisons More, we are always listening to our valued customers, taking feedback on how we can improve the experience. What we’ve heard is that you’d like your rewards to be immediate, including discounts and money off your next shop. We also learned that you want to give back to your local community and to support environmental causes by going paper and plastic free wherever possible.

So that’s what we’ve done. From the 10th May you’ll enjoy instant discounts and money-off offers rather than points. We’ll also stop producing new plastic cards, with everything conveniently accessible on our mobile app and website.

Don’t worry, if you have a physical card you can continue to swipe this at the till to enjoy the benefits which include:

  • Personalised offers - digital coupons with pounds off your next shop replacing points
  • Instantly activate - tap the offers in the app - or click on the website - to activate offers
  • Zap the app - Once your offers are activated, scan your barcode in the app on your smartphone at the till - your savings will be deducted from your shopping automatically
  • Be in-the-know - about our store events and offers
  • Helpful services - access at your fingertips in the app or website

As we’re changing from points to instant discounts and money-off offers, from 10th May you’ll no longer earn More Points when you shop in store, in the Café, at fuel stations and through gift cards. No more waiting for vouchers, we’ll give you the pounds off instantly, instead. Don’t worry you will have until 9th August to redeem your points where you have a balance of 5,000 points or more. Your £5 vouchers will be valid for 56 weeks from the date they are issued.

For any questions relating to Morrisons More, see our frequently asked questions in store or online at

Kind regards,
Your Morrisons More Team

RIP to the loudest sound known to man

Jokes asside i’m going to miss the points on fuel, if this knocks a penny off the litre price then go ahead. This looks like a walmart style price system of no loyalty cards and just low prices, ASDA has never had them and neither has aldi, lidl has a money off app called lidl plus.

Nectar, I don’t shop at sainsburys so no clue.

Tesco have tweeked the clubcard but its remained largly the same since the 90’s.


Sounds very similar to what Lidl do with their app!


I bet they still see how much you’re spending and it goes off what you spend to get a decent voucher off

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Hopefully won’t require a data connection to use it, problem with Lidl was/or is (given up using it) was that without a data connection it would refuse to load and my Lidl must be a faraday cage because you get no signal inside.