Various rewards points in one place

I can only gain my tesco points in tesco or using tesco card, nectar points in sainsburys, eBay etc. what if all those accounts could be combined and points accrued to relevant account when I pay by Monzo card?


I have a feeling that’s exactly what Monzo’s planning :tada:

We got a preview of what this might look like from the first Monzo hackathon, over a year ago, when a developer that doesn’t work for Monzo built an app to do something similar -

@rdingwall came up with something similar for Uber (which could be used for rewards points too) -

There’s more details about those projects in these blogs

My only thought about those designs is it might be better to see the additional information once you tap into a transaction, rather than in the feed :thinking: but after all, they were just a proof of concept :slight_smile:

One of the things that the new Head of Partnerships is / will be working on, is getting integrations set up with merchants like Sainsburys to enable this sort of thing. They’re on the roadmap & hopefully we’ll start seeing those before the external API is ready :pray: