More In-Depth Categorisation of Products

(Jamie Keen) #1

I was looking at the Waitrose website and how you can import your favourite products into your account if you have a receipt from a store. This must mean that all of the barcodes of the products are in a database.

If Monzo could access this database, you could potentially automatically see all the products you’ve purchased from Waitrose (or any supermarket that has a similar system) in your Monzo app. These could then be categorised separately, so you know if you’re spending too much on Ready Meals instead of Fresh Food or something along those lines.

I’m sure it wouldn’t be a quick, easy thing to implement but down the road, I don’t see why this isn’t something to look forward to!


I think this is what are attempting. Although it’s more for for in store transactions but I’d assume it would be a similar method for online. They plan to intergrate with Monzo soon ™ too.

(Jamie Keen) #3

Looks very interesting! Something to look into for sure. Thanks!