Get rid of physical queues, Monzo

Wouldn’t it be good if you could use the Monzo app to scan a barcode of any barcoded item in a (mainstream) store, wait until the transaction occurred - usually instantly in the app - then simply walk away?;

Sounds better in theory than I imagine it does in practice.

Imagine doing a weekly shop and having 200 notifications lol.

Or when a “deal” only finalises at the end of your shopping trip.

Or if you decide to put something back, you’d have a refund notification as well.

This is one of those things that works better when there is a dedicated system for it (like the shops already have), IMO…


Also if it was integrated to a banking app people would watch their balance go down and would spend less than if it was a dedicated supermarket app where they don’t see their account going low , so the supermarkets wouldn’t want it

Assuming they don’t sell beer or energy drinks there as they’d need approval. Or even painkillers, as too many of those trigger a warning.

I like the sound of it though!

Apple Store has this feature - you scan the item (mostly accessories) using the app, pay via Apple Pay, then you just walk out of the store with the items. I’m pretty sure I must have a look of utter terror on my face as I’m walking out (always half expecting to be jumped on by security).

It just feels wrong and a little naughty! :flushed:

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