More detail break down in spending tab

Right now the spending tab only displays in months, but I think it will be so much more useful if there is an option to switch the spending tab to displays in both days, weeks and months (maybe even years). For example, I went to London last weekend (small holiday trip). After I want to see how much I spent and where, but I find this quite hard to do because the spending tab is only displayed in months. I understand there is already a display on the amount spend at the top right corner of the home tab but it only display what spend on the day. (I am using only the android app on a Nexus 6p)

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While I’m not disagreeing with you, just trying to better understand the problem you’re trying to solve. From what I’ve understood of your example, you may prefer this solution

Is there any other use case for your idea not solved by event reports?

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You could also try exploring the different options in search. Eg, search location “London”

This may work well for London, but I’ve had cases where I tried to search for all transactions in Kent and it returned only two despite the fact I live in Kent. Maidstone and MAIDSTONE also return different data. Boots, as one example, is always located in London according to their merchant data. I think there’s a long way to go with merchant location data crowdsourcing.

Sorry only just raising this now, was out with friends when I tried and so forgot to mention.

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Yeah, that’s true. We’re hoping to do a lot more work on merchant location data next year.


And if Ben & Tom’s solutions aren’t quite what you’re looking for, the good news is, Monzo is developing this feature :slight_smile: