Keep the daily amount visible

I think a good idea would be to keep the daily spend next to the date. So when you scroll back you can see how much you spent that day. Or set a spend “stopwatch” I.e. if you are going on holiday you can start the watch and stop it when you get back so you can easily see how much you spent in that period.

Hey Mathew! If you scroll back through the Pulse Graph, it will show you the daily spend figure for each day :slightly_smiling_face:

So you can. I still think the stopwatch idea is good :wink:

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A bit like this? :smiling_face:

I think you should be able to search specific date ranges from your feed rather than last weekend/week/month etc - which is kind of a stop watch idea :slight_smile:

you can of course search specific locations for your holiday expenses as shown below

1st one showing general list of locations (Cleethorpes had very good fish and chips :slight_smile: )

or 2nd a specific search for locations in Switzerland - with a total spent amount at the bottom :slight_smile:



Yea that works. But for example, I was in Cardiff for the weekend however my holiday spends started from when I left the house, not from when I got to Cardiff. So that function does help but may not cover everything.


Also I have had transactions that clear in a different area to where I done them. I.e. an ATM withdraw cleared in Manchester even though I have never been. So that search doesn’t always work.


Yep, there’s definitely room for improvement :slightly_smiling_face:

I still think this is currently broken and does not show the true balance/spend for that day. Unless there has been an update?

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Couldn’t agree more, there are several times I’ve wanted to do this. In fact, for my purposes, the date options Monzo gives have never been helpful.


This needs to be looked at again. A small font daily spend next to the date would be very helpful. And also weekly spends somewhere. I am constantly looking at a calendar to see when the week starts to see how much I have spent in a week.

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Bump. Really needs an improvement. Monzo seems to be pushing ideas that are not really essential when what myself and what I think most people want is a really crisp and slick app then all the extras can come later.

Where have you got this fact from?

From looking at all the feedback topics it seems that people are asking for more features above a redesign. Especially since the new account and payments screens rolled out.

Then in terms of “non essential features” again, the feedback on everything that has been released has been glowing :thinking:

It’s not fact it’s opinion so calm down. My opinion is that I would rather have a better search function then being able to compare my energy bills.


I’m perfectly calm :slight_smile:

You made a sweeping generalisation so if you don’t like people questioning this I’d recommend that you don’t make them and don’t post them on a public forum for discussion.