More control over the round-up feature

It’s a great little thing to have building up in the background but it’s annoying sometimes that it will round up to the next pound if I go 1 penny over the previous pound. For example if a transaction is £2.01 it will round up 99p to £3.

Options could possibly include to be able to round up to the nearest 10p, the nearest 50p, the nearest £1 or the nearest pound should your transaction go over the 50p mark.

Catchy title


have a look at the IFTTT integration which gives you something similar to this … nice long thread title by the way :slight_smile:

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Hi Russymoore,

Can you edit your title please “More control over round-up feature” should cover it, you can put the rest in the description.

I can edit it for you if you want (but can’t update the post itself).


Came to say everything that has already been said about the “title” :laughing:

This detracts from the actual issue the OP is wanting to discuss :sweat_smile:

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It might have been a longer thread title but I’m not sure how it would detract from the purpose of the post as it was all relevant.

Because all I could think was “geez look at that title” and it gets trimmed on mobile as well as some views on desktop :slight_smile:

Thanks for sorting it though :+1:

Do we need 4 different people saying exactly the same thing about the title?


My thoughts as well. I haven’t posted before and didn’t realise how precious people were about the length of a title. gmclean’s comment would have sufficed…


Common sense dictates that a topic title should consist of a brief synopsis of the topic content. It’s not people being “precious”, it’s people asking you in a friendly/jokey manner to adjust something. Be thankful the topic achieved some level of engagement.


Thanks for updating the title - not a big deal but does jar a bit when you look on mobile devices.

On to your actual post - I agree that more control over the round-up feature would be good to have.

It’s already been mentioned here though so maybe we all vote on that thread to pool the votes?!


Thanks for spotting the duplicate @gmclean, I’ll lock this thread so we can keep discussion and votes over there in one place.

Also hello :wave: @Russymoore, welcome to the Community. :tada: