Custom advanced roundups

Loving the new Advanced Roundups feature for plus, but i think a better idea would be letting us choose the multiplier with custom input. Instead of just 1x 2x 5x or 10x we could do anything, even 0.x.
I would like to have it so my roundups are something like, Spend £1.10, roundup now would be 90p with 1x, so many i can put 0.5x and have 45p rounded up

I don’t understand why as it just seems to be making it unessasarily complex wanting decimal places to be defined?

Perhaps it’s not allowed due to the following examples.

So if it’s £1.99 you put in 0.5 pence?

Or £1.98 and it puts in 1.5 pence?

So it would have to round up to 1x in those instances and not in others :confused:

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I agree with @Ordog here. That could get messy and confusing quite quickly. I’m usually the sort of person that would prefer these more granular controls, like in the case of recurring transactions, but I don’t see that working too well here.

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