Monzonaut AMAs

Good afternoon Community!

Posting today to announce that we’ll be launching a series of Ask Me Anythings’ where we’ll have Monzonauts throughout the business come by for the Community to pick their brains :brain:

These will be carried out through a few different methods and that will be dictated by their availability and preference. Variety is the spice of life :thinking:

Keep your eyes peeled for the first few session :eyes:

Feel free to suggest a few areas you’d like to hear from :point_down:t3:


For a second I thought you meant members of the forum would be Asked Anything… That would be interesting!

I don’t know what teams/areas exist, but maybe a :bar_chart:poll is in order?


I might consider an edit on the name incase I cause panic haha


Noo I think you should do a community member AMA.



I thought the same as Ben!

Anyone that deals with numbers, charts, graphs, data and that sort of jazz. I know Monzo can’t share exact numbers on things, but it would be interesting to see the trends. For instance the requests/what times does “Paid Early” generate? Is there a huge peak at 16:01 and then tails down or is it flatter?

And probably related to the above, anyone that works with the Google Sheets export. I want to see what sort of dashboard magic metrics they are using.


I hear @Peter_G loves creating polls! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We should do a poll to see if anyone else has heard that

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Renamed it! :sweat_smile: :white_check_mark:


Aren’t monzonauts and community members the same thing? :thinking:

No. It’s a term for staff


I’m not changing it again Tom! :laughing:

Nah - Monzonauts are current Monzo staff members :white_check_mark:


I’d like to hear from the Joint account team and how they’ll integrate paid-tiers.


A Monzo Plus/Premium team AMA would be fab too, now we’ve had the product for quite a few months.

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Great news! Off the top of my head…

  • Someone who can provide all kinds of geeky stats on numbers of requests for certain things per hour (eg balance refreshes, get paid early requests)
  • Someone who works within accessibility for those with disabilities who use the app and the challenges the engineers face in this realm
  • Someone who is a brand new COP
  • Dare I say it - TS Anil himself. We all want to know his favourite pizza.

Seconding this one.

@AlanDoe you asked a similar question last year, and nothing ever came of that. I’d suggest perhaps having a look back at some of the suggestions folks left in that thread, because there were some good ones. @peter_g also did a poll in that thread too!

This one was mine:

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Already got them written down and opening up the discussion again as I’m able to dedicate more of my time to making this more a reality than an idea, with the potential to making it a constant feature.

I’ve got a few eager Monzonauts lined up but I’d love to hear if people have new ideas to add rather than bringing the old Topic back up.

Thanks for the suggestion though :pray:


I was reading through some of the many, many Q&As Simon did with Monzo staff over the years recently and realised that (to the best of my knowledge which could obviously be wrong) the vast majority of them from the top of the tree to the bottom had since left Monzo so at least there should be a chance to hear from some new voices, as otherwise my biggest concern would be repetition, or thereabouts, of things we’d already been told. It will definitely be very interesting to hear from some new people who perhaps aren’t so familiar with ‘the olden times’ of Monzo.

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I’d also love a bit of a deep dive into some of the Systems-y/FinCrime stuff - some of the people behind the tools that spotted the Ticketmaster stuff, and similar talks there have been at other Fintech conferences.


How about a session where I can ask myself anything, and answer it?

People can watch me do this, and I’ll do it between the hours of 9pm and 6am so I’m being paid to talk to myself?

No? Worth a try…