Monzonaut AMAs

Do you do this normally? :eyes: :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


All the time :rofl:

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Fincrime for me , tech is often covered by blogs ( please, more of that)

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Could we have people who are involved in design and development of

A) The feed and transaction page (the page when you tap on a transaction)

B) Spending summary and budgets

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I’d like to see more of “a week in the life of” series for different departments.

I can’t remember who it was that did a couple of YouTube videos showing how a typical week at work goes. From meetings and brainstorming right through to getting food from the canteen.

Perhaps not a video but understanding how teams collaborate with one another and how they resolve problems and such will answer a lot of questions too. I personally find it all fascinating.

Edit: Found it: