Monzo Slack Group

(Rosie Eachus) #1

Interested to know whether there’s a Monzo Slack Group. I can’t see that there is, is there a reason why not? I have Slack open religiously (:heart_eyes:) so it’d be cool to see something like this in the future.

(Herp Derp) #2

There is, it’s better then this but I am permabanned so stuck here now :crying_cat_face: :rage:

If you join just don’t question anything


was wondering why you were back :wink:


Why are you banned? And how do you create an account without a Monzo address?

(Herp Derp) #5

I got banned because I questioned why a certain meme was offensive to someone that only seems to appear when offended but everyone else was allowed to question said meme and didn’t get banned.

Also banned coz my contributions to the slack are shit but they are the same as on here.

Anyways permabanned which is contradicting the new rules.

(Pete Mallam) #6

Do you have an English translation for that?


Stick your email in here:

(Herp Derp) #8

No, try


You can use your own email for the developers slack.


Do I need to “ask my admin for an invite”? Sorry to appear dim, but I’ve only ever used Slack at work, which works cos I work there! :wink:


Yep! On this link

If you’d rather I invite you to make it easier, DM me your email :+1:


Thanks- that worked!

(Rosie Eachus) #13

Thanks all! Will check it out.

(Herp Derp) #14

I’m still banned

(Phil) #16

Discord anyone?

(Marcelo Gazzola Ribeiro) #17

I did not get it! Could u send an invite link for us pls ? Cheers


Monzo’s official dev slack has been closed down now

(Marcelo Gazzola Ribeiro) #19

And there is a unofficial slack isnt?

(Kieran) #20

Yup here

(Colin Robinson) #21

And too!