Monzo widget in iOS14 still says Mondo

I just found it funny. IOS14 is still in developer beta


That’s strange. It’s disappeared for me entirely!

We’ve chatted about this in the TestFlight thread.

If it’s gone, you can add it again by entering jiggle mode before going to the left hand screen

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all i can add is the face that on ios14 its the first time ever the widget works all the time for me

I’ll be interested to see how the widget develops now that iOS finally supports widgets properly alongside android

Mine shows :monzo: ?

Maybe because you’re logged in? I’m not because I use my Android phone more.

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Haha I have this too!

@monzobot fortune

Is Monzo being rebranded back to Mondo?


:crystal_ball: You may rely on it


There ya have it folks…

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Mine is the same on iOS 14, sent a message to support and was told to reinstall the app which did not change it.

It looks like iOS 14 is showing the widget’s internal name. I suspect these traditional widgets will be removed from the final release of iOS 14.

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It’s an iOS beta bug, not a monzo bug – don’t waste monzo’s support time with something like this.

iOS is showing you the extension bundle name when it shouldn’t.


Quiet looking forward to what’s going to be done with third party widgets in iOS14, any ideas for the team at Monzo on what to do with them?


Sorry I didn’t know this was an iOS 14 thing, I’ll send them an apology email for wasting their time.

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FYI this is fixed in Beta 2.

Monzo appear to have re-sized it so it fits like the other default widgets.

That’s good effort given that we are super early days for iOS 14 and they’ll only have had the beta since the 22nd June

Monzo have no control over that.

I think that’s an apple fix as my Smart Life widget now is the correct width too :slight_smile:

Hopefully they’ll update it to the new widget framework so it’s able to be put on the homescreen

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