Monzo vs Supplier - my money dissapeared

Hello everyone,

Basically I tried to buy a new camera but they payment failed… Anyways my money in Monzo dissapeared. Talked to the camera shop they said they payments didn’t go through (OBVIOUSLY, don’t have any reference, confirmation anything), talked to Monzo they confirm that the shop took my money. Where has my money go??? Any ideas how can I solved this… The money gone is the equivalent to three cameras so you can imagine who is not going to survive this month!

I assume the support team is looking into this ? Did the machine in the shop say declined ?

If it has gone “through” on your Monzo i.e. it is in your feed. If you click on the transaction scroll down and click “dispute this transaction” - Monzo should look into it for you. Maybe get an email from the merchant that says they haven’t received the payment for good measure.


Yes!! the payment was online but it said decline very clear, and the supplier confirmed it. Monzo looked at it… said it is not enough proof.

Did they say what would be enough proof? Is it from a reputable company? You might need to get in contact with the merchant and stress the fact the money has left your account.

I’m sure Monzo will be able to give you a transaction ID of some sort that proves it left your account and went to X account with reference X. You can then go back to the merchant and dispute it with them since you have evidence :slight_smile:

I think Monzo customer support on chat or phone is best advise on your issue but just something to consider if you have paid and not got what you paid for, you can raise a charge back. Screenshot below is from Monzo help pages.

Yes, three times :(:sob:

Thank you! This is really helpfull. Hopefully I dont have to wait that long. The thing is that both parties are saying they dont have the money

It’s probably the case that neither party do have your money. There are a number of intermediaries between Monzo and the retailer, mainly the payment gateway/processor that the retailer use. Monzo should be able to provide some proof that the money has been received by the processor which makes the problem more on the retailer’s side than Monzo’s.

Did you just try to buy it three times? Hopefully you can raise a chargeback and it gets sorted, although it can take a while for the process to go through.

Hi, yes I agree!!! Not blaming Monzo, they provided proof that the payment left the account… talking to the supplier again and again, hopefully it get solved soon.

Could it just a hold on the funds that will get refunded after 7 days?

Since Mozno instantly deduct the amount from your balance it can seem like a pending transaction has gone through when they haven’t.

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I wish haha that was yesterday’s case, but today the payment was actually made it was then when I got alarmed

You can check transaction status - pending or not

I had same issue with Lloyd’s bank. They refunded one week after