Monzo vs Malwarebytes Icon

(Jakub Koudela) #1

Hi, not complaining or anyhting just want to point out the similarity of monzo icon to malwarebytes. Not a big issue just whenever malware bytes starts scanning through my phone it takes a minute to realize its what it is rather than someone using my card. Maybe its just me being silly :grin:

(Huw Diprose) #2


Seems sufficiently different to me, colours, shape… I think at some point and M is an M, no :sweat_smile: ?


You may also find E 3 and W confusing too as they may look like an M on it’s side :joy:

(Jakub Koudela) #4

(Alex Sherwood) #5

Thanks Jakub, there is a similarity there but hopefully in time, you’ll get used to distinguishing between the apps based on the color of the icons, it’s a process :wink:

(Jakub Koudela) #6

Yeah definately. When you see both of them next to each other you can see difference. Its just when one of them pops up in notification iam checking my wallet if i lost my card :joy: like i said no biggie. At least i made people laugh :wink:

(Huw Diprose) #7

:smiley: Fair enough, I can see what you mean there

More proof that the desktop is the one true device though… :slight_smile:

(Simon B) #8

You’re running MalwareBytes AND Avast on your phone??

For what it’s worth… You don’t actually need either, unless you’re in the habit of downloading dodgy APK files from random websites. Google Play Store has a built in anti-virus, so as long as all your app downloads are through that, you don’t need anything else.

But if you are going to… you should probably pick one of the two, for performance reasons if nothing else! Having both of those constantly running is gonna tax your processor and kill your battery.

I’ve been using Android since the very first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1 in 2008 - and probably had at least a dozen different models since then. Not once had any viruses or malware :slight_smile:


That was my immediate feeling when I read the post