Monzo vanished from Google Pay

So I’ve just popped to the shops and forgot my wallet. No problem, I’ve got Monzo setup on Google Pay, has been for a while, I’ll just use that…

Wrong! Not sure if the app updated or what, but my card has vanished from Google Pay, and when I try to set it up again it says ‘there was a problem setting up contactless’

Anybody else had this issue or just me?

Best bet is to try in app chat.

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I agree. Chat support can help you with this as they can see any errors or issues. Have you recently frozen your card or had it blocked while a charge was investigated?
Also, there’s a security feature that requires you to make a chip&PIN purchase after every £200 or so in contactless purchases.
Again chat will be able to tell you which it is. :slight_smile:

Google pay doesn’t require SCA and it’s per £100 when the card is used

This has happened to me with another bank. I raised a complaint to which I’ve been told they won’t tell me and only there’s new industry wide rules in place but won’t go further into it. I can’t re-add the card to any mobile wallet inexplicably but otherwise my account is fine. I’m not sure why this is.

Whilst not SCA perhaps something else has happened recently that we don’t know about and I somehow fit into that category.