Monzo valuation - speculation thread

I can’t see any recent threads on Monzo’s valuation but I was struck by this news yesterday where N26 have a new valuation of $9bn…

I have Monzo shares so shamelessly wondering whether we think there will be a new crowdfund anytime soon and whether we think it’s moved since the last down round 18 months ago. Every other fintech seems to value each customer at around $1000, against the current valuation it seems like it’s down around $250 per customer. Surely time for a more upbeat share price!

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My guess is back to £2bn for the next valuation, but it’d be nice to see it higher than 2019.

I can’t see Monzo crowdfunding again.

Indeed, I’d strongly advise them not to as - of all the various companies that I’ve invested in via crowdfunding - Monzo has to be the one with the worst possible investor relations. To the point they are non existent.

I’m no expert in valuation, but with a path to profitability, I think it has to go up?


No chance of crowdfunding.

Valuation is just bash on a calculator and guess.

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More than $9bn then I guess!

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Dream on!

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