Monzo USA Service Status

Does monzo USA have its own status page or does it use the same one as the U.K.?

Curious as to if the issues last night would have effected the US. If so maybe the page could be updated to show as such.


Last night (or yesterday evening for the US) the issues we saw affected US customers as well as UK.

How we deal with status pages for US/UK needs some careful thought as we do need to be able to communicate separately with each market, but also sometimes need to talk to both at once in a way that makes sense to each. My initial thoughts are we’d probably want to have a separate status page for Monzo USA, and we’d automate posting to both at once for issues that affect both markets.


Are you able to add US section to the current one? That’s how I expected it to be when I thought about it in my head.

Or put something like

inbound payments (USA)
Inbound payments (UK)