🇭🇺 Monzo in Hungary [Discussion]

Just used my card for the first time in Budapest on the BLK public transport ticket machines. Works perfectly on chip and pin.


Chip and pin works at New York Kávéház Budapest


Long weekend abroad in Budapest, using my card. Worked perfectly.
Chip and pin and contactless :slight_smile:

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Just got back from Budapest this weekend, worked every time on chip and pin and contactless but doesn’t work on cash points… Tried on 4 or 5 different terminals. Is this normal or are cashpoints abroad not yet supported?

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My guess is the ATMs were not chip and pin but magstripe. In the UK, almost all ATMs use chip and PIN to validate your identity when you try to withdraw money. However, that’s not always the case elsewhere around the globe and in many countries, ATMs use the magnetic stripe on the back of your card to dispense cash. Up to now Monzo have disabled magstripe ATM withdrawals to protect against the increased fraud risk that these ATMs bring but it is now possible to temporarily turn on magstripe ATM withdrawals for 24 hours. If you have an iPhone you can access the setting from your Profile or from a transaction that’s been declined by a magstripe ATM. If you have the more popular Android OS you will need to send a message to customer support for them to turn it on for you due to the Android app not being as much functionality as the iOS one.


Thanks for the info, that makes sense. On android, so hopefully they will have this feature next time I’m abroad. Wasn’t a problem as with friends who had cash for taxis etc. but good to know for next time!

Excuse my ignorance but how are you able to tell whether an ATM is mag stripe or chip and pin?

In general, there’s no good way to reliably tell other than to try it. If an ATM attempts to authorise with only the magstripe data, you should receive a notification in the Monzo app that it was declined for this reason if you have not already enabled magstripe ATM usage.

is it cheaper overall to exchange money before you travel or use local ATMs? considering that the local ATMs charge you, even though Monzo dont.
Im traveling to Budapest in Oct 2017.
do all foreign ATMs charge you? or do you get it at the exchange rate(Mastercard Exchange Rate).


You’re probably better off using your card as a debit card - have a look here for more info about Hungary :hungary:



has anyone actually managed to withdraw cash at ATM in Hungary at all?
Providing that the problem was the mag Strip, with it turned on, it should in theory work?

I’m off next month and keen to know that I can get cash over there.


No issue getting cash from ATMs in Hungary using current account with no mag stripe. All contactless and chip and pin transactions worked no problem too.

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Just used Monzo in Hungary over Christmas. It’s very nice, works like a charm!

Contactless is getting more and more popular there, lots of places you can use it too, and Monzo’s working too. Note that the spending limits are different from the UK: for any amount you can just touch, but for amounts above 5000HUF (about 14 quid) will have to enter your PIN.

Somehow after the trip this time I didn’t get the “oh, you are back from Hungary, this is how much you’ve spent” message, not sure if it’s still a thing, or not done anymore

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Do local ATMs charge fees when withdrawing money? Are any that are free?

@Davoqwe Almost all the ATMs charge a fee - Can’t remember how much though.

I had no trouble with atm withdrawals when I was in Budapest. Guess I was lucky with the atm’s I picked

Taking our Monzos on honeymoon in Budapest in 2 weeks :hungary: Planning to exchange a small amount of florints for paying for cabs etc, but hoping to rely on my card for pretty much everything else.

I’m new to Monzo,and used first time in Budapest,
I bought my weekly travel card at the airport (I usually pay cash) I got a fantastic exchange rate.
I usually change money while in Budapest, which is a better rate than back home.
The Monzo rate beat even that.just putting it out there for other non educated like myself I hope it helps.


Hey, I’ve moved your post to join the others regarding this location. Hope that’s ok :slight_smile:

Hi Jack, yes please whatever you think appropriate, like I mentioned, I’m new to Monzo and just experimenting at the moment after a lifetime of regular rip off banking Monzo is like a breath of fresh air😎

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