NFC monzo-to-monzo payments

Would be cool if you could pay your friends via tapping your phone’s together both having the app open, could be an option in sending and receiving payment then via NFC?

Not sure I trust my friends not to bash the phone out of my hand! Ohh the drunken ‘payment moments’ :wink:

Nice idea but what do you see the process being? How would my phone know how much to transfer? Surely I’d need to specify that pre-tap?

In which case are we replacing a ‘send’ button with a ‘tap phones’ action? Or have I missed something? Hmmmm.

I’d say probably similar to the paying someone but you could select NFC I guess, similar to contactless payments.


Ahh yeah that’d work… and seems kinda obvious now you mention it. I’m off for more caffeine…

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Yeah that is what I was aiming at

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So you could pay someone, even if you didn’t have an internet connection. And you were standing next to them. And both had a Monzo account. And both had compatible phones. :man_shrugging:

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I think it’s a reasonable idea.
person A could log into monzo and set up a request for £5
person B could tap their phone onto Person A’s and send them the money.

Yeah my idea is person A goes into Monzo and requests NFC payment person B goes into Monzo and sends £5 via NFC

If both have to go into monzo and set it all up what’s the benefit?

If as said above, person A sets up a request then person B taps to send it could work like a contactless payment such as Google pay

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Only risk with that is anyone can go round requesting money off anyone, both going in is to verify that both parties want the transaction.

Not really, as per Google pay, if your phone is locked it won’t work.

So to use the process to steal, somebody would have to see you using your phone, come and tap it, hoping you have monzo, and then run

And if both people going into monzo is the way to do it, my question of what the benefit is still stands. No time or effort is saved

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Yeah not a massive difference really. As far as I can see we are MAYBE skipping one or two button clicks, if that…?

Fair enough :blush: just thought it would be good idea

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Except if you don’t have them as a contact

I’d be much less likely to use a slightly obfuscated transfer method like this if I didn’t… :wink:

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Your comments are fair :blush: I appreciate a different look on it

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Yeah I think this would be a ‘nice to have’ option for me, but could be useful and used more frequently by others.

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Couldn’t they just use Nearby Friends to do this? Also, I don’t think this would be currently possible on iOS due to restrictions put in place by Apple.

NFC phone-to-phone payments could be a useful Monzo business feature though.

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Yeah, my idea was for people who you haven’t got as a friend on your account :blush: but I understand your points